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Current practices and emerging trends in sexual abuser management : Safer Society 2009 North American Survey




In on the stability of programs' funding streams but the United States, 86 percent or more of programs do provide information on the nature and diversity for adults and adolescents selected the cognitive- of profit status and funding sources. [...] In the ing-time measures are now used more often than United States, programs’ use of one or more of the penile plethysmograph in United States pro- these instruments has increased significantly from grams for adult males and in community programs about two-fifths of the programs in 2002 to over for adolescent males. [...] Polygraph use continues to increase in the five psychophysiolgical assessment instruments: the United States, from 30 percent of adult programs x THE SAFER SOCIETY 2009 TREATMENT PROVIDER SURVEY in 1996, to 63 percent in 2000, 70 percent in 2002 one-quarter of adolescent programs and one-third and 79 percent in the current survey. [...] For the first time, the survey examined provid- The practice of probation and parole officers ers’ views about the impact of recent sex offender and caseworkers visiting treatment groups occurs in legislation, namely registration, community notifi- about half of community programs for adult males cation and residency restrictions for both adoles- (53%) and adult females (45%). [...] This and other ex- HISTOrY OF THE SUrvEY pansions of the survey reflect efforts to provide a more comprehensive and detailed examination of In 1976, under the direction of its founder, the this highly specialized and evolving intervention late Fay Honey Knopp, the Safer Society Founda- field.



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