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A Fair, Predictable, Credible, Transparent and Efficient Environmental Assessment (Ea) Process /




Key Recommendations The Canadian Electricity Association proposes the following ten recommendations to the Expert Panel on the Review of Environmental Assessment Processes: 1. Maintain the existing designated project list; 2. Maintain the existing timeline requirements; 3. Maintain the existing limited number of Responsible Authorities (RAs); 4. Enable the effective use of Strategic Environmental [...] Establish clear requirements and 1. CEA recommends that timelines for the process for EA on predictable process expectations federal lands be specified, and that inconsistencies in the approach for EA processes on federal lands be addressed: The timelines for the process for federal lands (s.66 and 67) are undefined and there is a lack of consistency in the approach amongst Federal Authorities for [...] Their experience indicates that the key is that each situation is different and requires a different approach to best reflect the knowledge and the wishes of the knowledge holders. [...] However, the extent of public involvement should be commensurate with the stage of the process and the magnitude of the project’s potential impacts. [...] To enhance the use of SEAs, the following factors should be considered: • The requirements for SEAs need to be set carefully to capture the most significant initiatives (policies and programs) • SEA criteria and triggers should be defined in legislation • The process and results of SEAs need to be transparent • SEA decisions should carry consequences for non-compliance • The process should require


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