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A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of health related issues within an Aboriginal context / : Revue systématique des essais comparatifs à répartition aléatoire portant sur les problèmes de santé en contexte autochtone




Studies were designs and to enhance the process and included in this review if they: 1) addressed an implementation of RCTs for optimal Aboriginal health problem; 2) had a formal recruitment, engagement and retention of description of methods and results; 3) and participants in trials, while being sensitive used an RCT to compare the health effects of to the social values and cultural traditions a [...] A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of Health Related Issues Within an Aboriginal Context 7 2. puRpoSe The purpose of this review of RCTs research methodology within Aboriginal within Aboriginal communities is to communities, explore the types of health- describe the frequency and design of based interventions assessed using RCTs, RCTs specifically addressing Aboriginal and assess [...] Given that Morris (1999) completed a similar review of the study were extracted including: Abstracts; Social Service Abstracts; Dissertation Abstracts International of studies published prior to 1999 in the location of the study; the sample; the health-related issue; the intervention, (DAI); Bibliography of Native North Australia, the current information retrieval design, and major results; and th [...] Given the heterogeneity of Aboriginal peoples and communities, there is a need 4.1 Location of Studies to consider the potential effectiveness of health-related interventions within local contexts and across demographic The majority of studies were conducted considerations. [...] On the other end, active involvement of the community Although challenges of conducting Aboriginal peoples are not directly were considered vital for the success of the RCTs within Aboriginal communities involved in the research process, but they RCTs in these communities.



indigenous peoples health services, indigenous native peoples clinical trials randomized controlled trials as topic