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2011 Census/National Household Survey housing conditions series : Demographics and housing construction, 1971-2011




It discusses Completions, Canada, 1971-2011 (thousands) the link between the volume of residential construction and growth in the number of households and reviews shifts in Net Household Housing Formation Completions this relationship over the last four decades. [...] Because the Census never generates a perfect count of the population, growth estimates computed by taking differences are subject to some degree of error, particularly if the percentage of the population missed varies from census to census.1 Coverage studies for the 2011 Census were not available at the time of writing. [...] In the second half of the roughly matched by the rate of housing completions. [...] Estimated total losses from the data gaps, possible measurement errors, and the complicated housing stock from 2002 to 2011 were not nearly enough dynamics underlying changes in the housing stock rule out to account, by themselves, for the 225,000 gap between the a definitive judgment on the cause or causes of the excess of number of homes built during the period and the number construction over h [...] Totals are based on the third quarter of the initial year of the period through the second quarter of the last year.


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