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BC Coroners Service Child Death Review Panel : Review of young driver deaths, 2004-2013 : report to the Chief Coroner of British Columbia




Recommendation 3: Reduce Speed Related Injury and Death The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure ensure that road safety and injury prevention are the paramount criteria used in the course of monitoring and reviewing existing speed limits and setting new speed limits on BC’s provincial road system; and The Ministry of Justice conduct a pilot project of automated speed enforcement strategi [...] In the course of further investigation, the coroner learned that the teen had received a ticket for speeding a month before the crash, which was unknown to the teen’s parents. [...] The surviving passenger said that he and the driver had shared a marijuana joint early in the evening and that he’d seen 4 the driver consume “a few beers” over the course of the evening. [...] LIMITATIONS AND CONFIDENTIALITY Provisions under the Coroners Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act allow for the BCCS to disclose information to meet its legislative mandate and support the findings and recommendations generated by the review process. [...] LICENCE STATUS At the time of their death, most of the young drivers held a valid licence; however, some of the youth were not complying with the restrictions of their licence type.


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