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2015 stock status update of lobster (Homarus americanus) off southwest Nova Scotia (lobster fishing area 34) : Science response: LFA 34 lobster stock update




The Upper Stock Reference defined as 80% of the median of landings in the period of 1985 to 2009 is shown as the horizontal blue line. [...] Using landings as the sole indicator of biomass for lobster stocks has risks, and one of the goals of the 2013 assessment (DFO 2013) was to provide potential alternatives. [...] The second was based on the mean number of lobsters per tow in the fishery-independent Inshore Lobster Trawl Survey (herein ILTS; formerly known as the “ITQ” survey). [...] Currently, the 3-year running mean of each index is above the respective USR; thus, LFA 34 is considered to be in the healthy zone. [...] The USR for the biomass of legal lobsters based on landings (8,867 t) was defined as 80% of the median for the period 1984-85 to 2008-09.


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