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A vision for Ontario




With the combination of retirements of ophthalmologists and an increase in demand for eye services associated with the aging population of Ontario, there may be a lack of ophthalmologists needed to meet service demands. [...] The Task Force will continue to work with the Ministry to provide expertise and NEXT R2 knowledge to implement the recommendations of the report. [...] Ontario has a strong history in policy and planning for the improvement of patient access and quality of care in Ophthalmology. [...] Specifically, the Act reads that the people of Ontario and their Government: Believe that the patient experience and the support of patients and their caregivers to realize their best health is a critical element of ensuring the future of our health care system. [...] The National Coalition for Vision Health in 2011 reported that Canadians with vision loss experience: Double the incidence of difficulties in daily living and social dependence Double the incidence of falls Double the mortality rate Triple the incidence of depression Quadruple the incidence of hip fractures With support and Earlier admission to long term care homes -- treatment, most p



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