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Trust and balance : Citizens' dialogue on the Ontario budget strategy, 2004-2008




And the government fully understood that Ontarians were still feeling the effects of the severe budget corrections made by Ontario and the federal government in the mid-90s. [...] The Citizens’ Dialogue was part of a multi-pronged consultation on the Ontario Budget Strategy which included discussions with the public in Town Hall meetings and on the web; and with experts, stakeholders and the Ontario Public Service. [...] The Dialogue Process Guided by professional facilitators, citizens worked together for nine hours in large and small groups to formulate advice to the government on: o the values and principles that Ontarians believe should guide budgetary decisions during the course of its mandate, o how the government should achieve the best possible outcomes from the money it collects and spends, and o how and [...] Balance the Budget within the mandate of the government o Within two to four years o With protection for the vulnerable o Find progressive alternatives to deficit-obsessed approach o Report on the state of the deficit before the end of mandate – no surprises Conclusion What citizens have provided in this dialogue is the value structure or the architecture for the Ontario budget strategy. [...] We wish to acknowledge the support of the Stakeholders’ Relations Office, Premier’s Office and other staff of the Premier’s Office, the contributions of the Cabinet Consultations Projects Office, Cabinet Office, and their colleagues in Cabinet Office and various provincial ministries, including the volunteer note takers, who worked under challenging deadlines to help prepare the participants’ work



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