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A collective voice for the victims who have been silenced : Highway of Tears Symposium recommendations report




All of these delegates represented the concerns of the community well, much of their input, along with victims’ families input, constitute the majority of the recommendations contained in this Highway of Tears Report. [...] Symbolic of this transition was the Highway of Tears awareness walk mobilized by some of the victims’ families, starting in Prince Rupert, this awareness walk covered the full length of the Highway of Tears and ended at the CN Center in Prince George on March 30th, 2006. [...] Highway of Tears Symposium delegates listen intently to one of the presentations The Highway of Tears Symposium, a collective and unified voice of the victims’ families and the community, advances and supports all of the recommendations contained in this report for: 1. Victim Prevention; 2. Emergency Planning and Team response; 3. Victim Family Counselling and Support; 4. Community Development and [...] It is the sincere wish of the First Nation and Non-First Nation communities that at all levels of government, both the opposition parties and the sitting government, work collectively and collaboratively to support the recommendations contained in this report. [...] Highway of Tears Symposium Recommendation Report SECTION F: Emergency Planning and Team Response The Highway of Tears Symposium’s victim prevention recommendations are extensive, and they will significantly reduce the number of predator(s) targets on the highway and in the towns, cities, and First Nation communities situated on or near the Highway of Tears.


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