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In February 2007, the Women Who Have Sex with Women working group was established in response to the desire of both agencies to explore the sexual and reproductive health needs of WSW in their 30s, 40s and 50s. [...] The purpose of the working group was to conduct a consultation process with community agencies and diverse WSW communities to better understand these needs and to recommend interventions in the services currently provided to WSW in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). [...] The consultation process involved: three focus groups with WSW in their 30s, 40s and 50s, representing a diversity of WSW communities; key informant interviews with service providers from Toronto-based agencies that provide sexual and reproductive health and related services to adult women; and a literature review to inform the analysis of participants’ statements and concerns articulated in the r [...] The question of whether to disclose their sexual identity and practices, their experience of homophobia, often coupled with other forms of discrimination, the lack of knowledgeable providers and the lack of services specifically for WSW all act as barriers to WSW accessing health care. [...] Proposed education and training strategies address the consultation’s concerns about the health care sector culture at two levels: intervention in the education of students in the health care professions with the aim of building professionals’ competence in meeting the needs of culturally diverse communities; and building a knowledge base within WSW communities with regard to women’s sexual and re


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