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A review of forest stewardship plan results and strategies for the cultural heritage resource value




Earlier drafts of this report were circulated widely to representatives of First nations partners and organizations, Recommendation 1: multiple government agencies, the forest industry, the Forum for Research and Extension in natural Resources (FORREX), document the prevalence, content, and effectiveness of and academic insitutions. [...] Proponents may develop professionals regarding the conservation or protection of strategies for managing CHRs through other mechanisms CHRs that are the focus of a traditional use by an aboriginal that are applicable in the non-legal realm, and subject to the people, and that are of continuing importance to that people principles of professional reliance (e.g., cedar management (appendix 1). [...] In the absence of field data for evaluating the FSP applicants within the south, north, and central coast outcomes of the various results or strategies highlighted boundaries are required to write results and strategies that in this report, it is difficult to conclude that any one are consistent with these Orders. [...] In the future, we will be able to provide in perspectives and cultures among First nations in British informed guidance for designing effective CHR results and Columbia, this ambiguity arguably affords flexibility to strategies and to reflect critically on the effectiveness of define the term in a local or regional context to better current legislation pertaining to CHR values. [...] In light of the ecosystem-based management and 1. are results or strategies for specific CHRs (e.g., cedar, government-to-government processes on the Coast, and the cultural trails, spiritual sites) being developed and establishment of the First nations Co-ordinated Consultation approved in FSPs?



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