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A criminal justice system for the 21st century




It and effective criminal justice process which enjoys would be responsible for the development of the the confidence of the public and respects the rights overall strategy for the criminal justice system in and interests of all those affected by crime. [...] It would establish concrete timelines and collaboration between the judiciary and the for the management of the criminal cases going executive should be recognized through the statutory through the system, and it would collaborate with the establishment of a Justice Summit, including the various justice participants to ensure their execution Chief Justices, the Chief Judge and senior executives is [...] The Canadian Association of Provincial 1.1.12 The Role of the Public Court Judges’ suggestions of clarification of the Achieving better performance will help the managerial role of the Chief Judge is a good one. [...] These concerned principally the system’s the approval of charges by police would create handling of domestic violence cases, the handling unhelpful duplication of effort and would result in a of administration of justice offences, and the use of far higher level of stays of proceedings. [...] In consultation with the Provincial Court, the Police should advise all persons who are given Provincial Court Act should be amended to BC JUSTICE REFORM INITIATIVE 13 Clarify and affirm the role, powers and duties 2.10 PARTICULAR ISSUES of the Chief Judge and amend the term of (SECTION 16) office to seven years; 2.10.1 Domestic Violence Recognize and clarify the role of the The new Provincial Off



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