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A study of aboriginal teachers' professional knowledge and experience in Canadian schools : Étude sur les connaissances et l'expérience professionnelles des enseignantes et enseignants autochtones dans les écoles canadiennes




The rationale integrating Aboriginal content and perspectives for the study was to address the urgent need to into the curriculum; racism in education; and improve and promote Aboriginal education in allies of Aboriginal education. [...] A Study of Aboriginal Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Experience in Canadian Schools 7 Eager and willing to teach Aboriginal content and The participants in the study identified ways to perspectives, Aboriginal teachers in this study support the integration of Aboriginal curriculum: wanted to share what they knew and sought each meet the on-going need for schools to acquire other out to learn [...] Another approach to broadening the concept of This study asks the question: what can we learn teachers’ knowledge emphasized the importance from the professional knowledge and experiences of experience, and especially personal, practical of Aboriginal teachers who teach in public schools experience in developing and shaping teachers’ about how to better promote and support the professional knowled [...] The both to acknowledge teachers’ knowledge, and present study explores similar sites of knowledge and experience, as it examines Aboriginal teachers’ To accord dignity and status to the practical practical professional knowledge and experience knowledge and judgment that people have of the following: the classroom; curriculum of their own work. [...] The routine and matters, especially as they pertain to Aboriginal situated knowledge that teachers have of education; the political climate of their teaching, curriculum materials and development, and especially their experiences of racism; and subject matter, teaching strategies, the nature of their relationships with students, the classroom milieu, parents, and so community and colleagues, and e



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