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100,000 Jobs




The present moment is a unique and historic opportunity The government can smooth the transition and help people for Alberta to put people to work, create tens of thousands obtain jobs by providing funding for training and transition of good jobs and address climate change and other programs. [...] How can the Province diversify its economy, Section 2 of this paper considers why it is important lessen the impact of oil demand and price for Alberta to develop a jobs strategy in the low-carbon fluctuations, and address the threats of a economy. [...] The average that it is difficult for governments to transition away from cost of living is quite high in Fort McMurray and the cost of oil dependency, and that the success of doing so depends food is much higher than elsewhere in Alberta, leading to on the implementation of effective policies to guide the a distinct gap between the rich and the poor (Lim 2014). [...] In November 2015, the National Energy energy costs associated with the building, thereby providing Code of 2011 was implemented, and in May 2016, the energy potential buyers with more complete information about the efficiency section of the Alberta 2014 Building Code will also full costs of the building and the need for energy efficiency be implemented (Government of Alberta 2015d). [...] Program design options typically vary around a number of factors, including the total 4 On-bill financing allows the up-front investment costs to be recovered over time from amount of spending, the ratio of grants to loans in the spending, and the number of the future savings on energy bills.


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