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A case for patient navigation for people with HIV/AIDS




A Case for Patient Navigation for People with HIV/AIDS A Case for Patient Navigation for People with HIV/AIDS Page 1 of 46 Executive Summary Background In 2003, the Nova Scotia Strategy on HIV/AIDS recommended the development of a protocol for support and advocacy for persons with HIV or AIDS (PHAs). [...] The group should work in close collaboration with the Cancer Care Nova Scotia Patient Navigation Program and build the program based on the experiences of the cancer program. [...] As part of their contribution to the implementation of Strategy, the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia (ACNS) undertook a project to explore the feasibility of a patient navigation program for PHAs in Nova Scotia. [...] From the initial diagnosis after which the client requires a considerable amount of education and support, through the various stages of treatment for HIV/AIDS, a patient navigation approach tries to address the possibility that the client may get missed in the system. [...] Of the few criticisms of case management in the literature, most concerns center on the need for further study of the effectiveness of case management particularly as it relates to cost effectiveness.1.


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