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With respect to police designations of the skin colour of carded individuals – black, white, brown and other – the data showed underrepresentation of “other” (23.8% of the general population/5.5% of contact cards), roughly proportionate representation of “white” (53.1%/55.2%) and “brown” (14.7%/16.6%) and overrepresentation of “black” (8.4%/22.6%).9 Using the 2006 census as a benchmark, the Star n [...] Furthermore, on an internal level, the data can play a role in eliminating job applicants who apply to the Toronto Police Service: “Given the Service reviews FIRs/CIRs as part of the recruitment and hiring process, the accuracy and validity of the content of any such data should continue to be appropriately qualified by the submitting Officer. [...] Taken together, then, the journalistic work of the Toronto Star, the community-based criticisms of carding and the PACER report statements about questionable aspects of the practice created conditions in which the Toronto Police Services Board decided to formulate reform measures. [...] In order to ensure the questionnaire was appropriate for examination of compliance with the Toronto Police Services Board’s Community Contacts policy, we adapted the policy into a series of questions with direction from the Board meeting minutes recorded at the time of the ratification of the policy.24. [...] CAPP collected 437 completed questionnaires over the course of the study and 404 of them were included in the analysis.25 25 92 percent of the surveys received were included in the analysis; the remaining 8 percent were discarded due to significant.


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