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Aging, residential mobility and housing choices : Vieillissement, mobilité résidentielle et choix de logement




This Highlight identifies moves by the age of the household reference person in 2002, not the age at the time of the move. [...] The primary household maintainer is the person or one of the people in the household responsible for major household payments, such as the mortgage or rent. [...] Over patterns do not, by themselves, reveal much about the extent and 90 per cent of households maintained by those under the age of nature of the moves people make over the course of their lives. [...] The prevalence of these influences attests on the one hand to the importance of housing quality to Canadians and on the other to the range of changes in family circumstances that people experience throughout their lives.11 Table 2: Reasons for Moving by Age of Household Maintainer, Canada, 1997-2002 Per cent of households citing reason Age group of household maintainer Reason <30 30-44 45-54 55-64 [...] The preponderance of renters among movers was quality of their housing and neighbourhoods and to enlarge their not simply a reflection of the younger average age of renters.



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