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The Canadian waterscape : Paysage hydrique canadien : évaluer les besoins des décideurs canadiens en matière d'eau douce




Findings indicate that an engaged in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere and connected constituency across Canada is essential to draw the public and political (Part 3) as a starting point in thinking about attention required to protect Canada’s water the types of. [...] They are intended to provide information on needs and possible strategies to the water non-profit sector, to the interested funding community and towards the establishment of. [...] We identify and communicate the biggest threats to America’s waters, stimulate and support state and local campaigns to address these threats, and build unity across the country that sustains the national river and water protection movement. [...] The ECRR aims to “listen to the needs of members and respond with support, Mission: technical training and linking people and organizations and best practices across the European Union.” Specifically, their mission is to enhance ecological river restoration throughout Europe.



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