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A review of Canada's ship-source oil spill preparedness and response regime : Examen du Régime canadien de préparation et d'intervention en cas de déversements d'hydrocarbures par des navires : mettre le cap sur l'avenir




Canada has a comprehensive approach to ship-source oil pollution that • Liability and Compensation: the multi-tiered, comprises three major elements: international and domestic framework for liability and compensation in the event of an oil spill, including the strict liability2 of the Prevention shipowner and the cargo owner’s financial contribution to the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund and the I [...] Industry, as the creator of the risk, four industry-funded and Government-certified bears the liability and responsibility to respond in Response Organizations, which maintain a the event of a marine incident in Canadian waters level of preparedness, according to Canadian and therefore is charged with the operational regulations and standards, to respond to spills. [...] The plan has In the event of a spill where the costs of damages since been revised several times to improve the and the cleanup exceed the shipowner’s liability, system in place, and the scope was extended to claimants have access to one or more additional the contiguous waters of Canada and the United layers of compensation depending on the type of States. [...] In the second phase, we will and international regulatory regimes for the examine national requirements for hazardous and transport of hydrocarbons by transmission noxious substances, including liquefied natural pipelines, marine tanker vessels and railcars, and gas, as well as the state of oil spill preparedness made recommendations to enhance the safety and response in the Arctic.16 elements of [...] For example, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Canada should be prepared The risk assessment results were the impetus for a spill of crude oil due to the volumes being behind our development of the risk-based Area moved and the environmental and socio-economic Response Planning model, which is explained in the next chapter of our report.


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