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A Canada-CARICOM "trade-not-aid" strategy




As with all Institute publications, the views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Institute’s members or Board of Directors. [...] The objective United States and the European Union (primarily of the agreement is to encourage CARICOM- the United Kingdom). [...] The one important The CARICOM countries’ tariff-free access to difference is that Canada is the only developed the Canadian market is now threatened, however, country market with which CARICOM has a. because the waiver is granted only for a specific trade surplus. [...] Moreover, in the Canada-CARICOM and CARICOM launched free trade negotiations context, the value of the interconnecting webs of in 2008. [...] As a result of the time frame of been assumed to be greater than the sum of their the current WTO waiver, the unofficial deadline individual parts.



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