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2009-2010 evaluation of the Integrated Market Enforcement Team initiative : Évaluation de l'Initiative sur les équipes intégrées de la police des marchés financiers (EIPMF) de 2009-2010 : rapport final




The evaluation recommends that: 1. under the leadership of the Executive Council, action plans that address the outstanding recommendations of the Le Pan Report and the Benchmarking Study be developed, tracked and reported by the lead organizations. [...] The evaluation was conducted in response to Treasury Board requirements and in keeping with the prescriptions of the Treasury Board’s Policy on Evaluation to provide an evidence-based, neutral assessment of the relevance and performance of the initiative. [...] The agreements between PPSC and the four provincial Crowns define the respective roles of provincial and federal counsels with regard to jurisdictional principles relating to the Criminal Code—first, the provincial right of first refusal to prosecute and second, the provincial retention of the right to provide pre-charge advice for ongoing cases. [...] The advisory group membership reviewed the draft report and provided factual feedback to the evaluation group at Public Safety Canada, and steered the report to the evaluation committees in the respective organizations for their approval and formulation of action plan in response to the recommendations. [...] In response to one of the recommendations in the Le Pan Report, the RCMP has committed to conducting annual IMET employee surveys as a way to measure the efficiency of IMET, assess the working environment and identify measures to improve the program.


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