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A review of alternate level of care pressures in north east Ontario




In an effort to assist with the resolution of ALC pressures experienced by hospitals, the NE LHIN established four ALC Task Forces in February of 2007 in the communities most affected by the ALC issue, namely the cities of North Bay, Sault Ste. [...] The ALC dilemma did not just happen; rather the mounting pressure over the last three to five years is a symptom of many of the shortcomings of the health system as it currently exists. [...] The membership was reflective of the key sectors affected by, or having potential to assist with, the community’s ALC challenges and consisted of one representative from each of the following sectors in each of the four communities:. [...] The population of the North East is widely dispersed throughout the seven planning areas, with the majority of the population concentrated in the Sudbury and Algoma areas. [...] In 2001, the proportion of the population 65 years of age and over in the NE LHIN was higher than the province as a whole (14.9% vs.


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