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Canadian health accreditation report 2004




This report takes us inside the health care system and provides a unique snapshot of the performance of health care organizations through the lens of accreditation. [...] As you read this report, keep in mind that health care organizations in Canada demonstrate accountability in many ways – accreditation is but one way of ensuring that the checks and balances for quality health care are in place, so that health care organizations are better positioned to meet Canadians’ expectations now and in the future. [...] Accreditation Input from the public and consumers standards are developed with the input of health of health care professionals and experts in the health care field, including researchers, policy makers, academics, Every survey carried out by CCHSA incorporates and members of our advisory committees as well feedback from clients, families, community as front-line providers of health care in the ho [...] While CCHSA is in pleased to be able to adapt our program to meet a position to provide information about the the unique requirements of different health care quality of health care, it is also able to guide structures across the country while maintaining organizations through comprehensive reports the fundamental integrity of the accreditation and recommendations, and in this way program. [...] Compliance and risk: The distribution This is due in part to new standards and criteria of accreditation decisions introduced with CCHSA’s current accreditation program, a program that continues to evolve given Of the surveys analyzed in 2004, 48 per cent of the focus on health system excellence and ongoing organizations received Accreditation, 51 per cent improvement.


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