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A vision for Canada's forests : Vision pour les forêts du Canada, 2008 et au-delà




The forest approaches necessary to be the best in the world in sector of the future is defi ned inclusively to encom- sustainable forest management and a global leader in pass governments, conservation and environmental forest sector innovation. [...] It recreation and tourism industries, and other sectors is intentionally non-prescriptive and aims to increase of the economy (including the energy, chemical, and awareness of forest issues. [...] Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM)—a forum composed of the 14 federal, provincial, and territorial Developing this Vision is one part of a broad process of governments—is the sponsor and champion of the forest-related public engagement and dialogue among Vision. [...] In addition, it responded to international initiatives and forest-reliant communities, the recreation and tourism commitments, including the Brundtland Commission industries, and other sectors of the economy (including report Our Common Future (UNWCED 1987) and the the energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries) 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Develop- that derive wealth and well-being [...] For example, increasing consideration needs to among traditional and non-traditional forest interests, be given to the effects of climate change, the provision and inspires creative responses from all current and of environmental goods and services, and the importance future partners.


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