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"We are chameleons"




Guided by Pierre Bourdieu’s theoretical approach to capital and James Côté’s concept of identity capital, our research investigates the social situations in which individuals deploy identity as a form of capital, the ways they deploy identity capital in these situations, and the ways in which identity performances are strategic. [...] Understanding the deployment of identity capital in the workplace of a multicultural settlement organization is important because it is a key element in the successful delivery of services to immigrants and thus the successful settlement of newcomers. [...] And the structure of the distribution of the different types and subtypes of capital at a given moment in time represents the immanent structure of the social world, i.e., the set of constraints, inscribed in the very reality of that world, which govern its functioning in a durable way, determining the chances of success for practices (pp. [...] Page 6 The concept of identity capital suits the investigation of the Canadian immigration and settlement context in which it is important to manoeuvre in different social environments. [...] This area includes the Region of Peel, located in the western Pag e 7 part of the GTA and encompassing the cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon.



education politics school communication canada culture immigrants language philosophy social capital social sciences sociology diversity in the workplace diversity community demographics further education society multiculturalism teaching and learning visible minority cultural capital bourdieu pierre bourdieu identity (social science) region of peel regional municipality of peel body language habitus (sociology) habitus identity (philosophical concept)