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A review of operational search policies of youth residents at the Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Centre




The number of strip searches of young offenders must be kept to the minimum necessary to maintain the security of the facility and the safety of both offenders and staff. [...] Given the intrusive nature of this search, it is absolutely necessary that policy is clear and direct to ensure the dignity of the young offender is respected as well as the safety of staff and the offender. [...] These measures include the utilization of video conferencing at Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Centre which will minimize the need to transport young offenders from the facility to the courts; and the installation of windows in interview rooms which allows better staff observation during the visit. [...] The full utilization of this facility would reduce the number of strip searches Changes to Policy The staff of NLYC is presently drafting new policy and procedures in respect to the searching of young offenders. [...] In situations where the witnessing officer is not of the same sex of the resident, that officer positions him/her self so that they witness the searching officer and not the resident.



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