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1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanners compared with 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanners




Other factors to consider with a 3.0 T MRI is the extent to which a facility with a 1.5 T MRI requires renovation to house a 3.0 T MRI, the experience of staff, the need for research applications, and the need for current and future clinical applications. [...] The features of 1.5 T MRI and 3.0 T MRI are summarized in Appendix 1. 1.5 T MRI Scanners Compared with 3.0 T MRI Scanners 1 2 ISSUE 1.5 T MRI scanners are in common use, but increasingly powerful magnet strengths (for example, 3.0 T) are available. [...] This systematic review of scientific evidence comparing the clinical application of 1.5 T MRI to 3.0 T MRI provides government purchasers, health care decision makers such as health care planners, and clinicians with information about the clinical effectiveness and institutional efficiency of 3.0 T MRI scanning compared with conventional 1.5 T MRI scanning. [...] RCT of patients exposed to 1.5 T MRI or 3.0 T MRI, or controlled study of patients enrolled in 1.5 T versus 3.0 T programs or cohort study of patients exposed to 1.5 T MRI and 3.0 T MRI. [...] Randomized patients to imaging with 1.5 T MRI or 3.0 T # MRI, or both Compared matched groups of patients imaged with 1.5 T MRI # or 3.0 T MRI technology; i.e., matched populations at different institutions, one with 1.5 T MRI and one with 3.0 T MRI.


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