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A time for change : Heure propice au changement : vers une nouvelle ère pour les droits de propriété intellectuelle au Canada, un rapport




With each year Th e demonstrated failings of the current Canadian IPR system that passes without the implementation of changes to Canada’s IPR have spurred a growing consensus of need for IPR reforms within system, Canadians and the Canadian economy will continue to the Canadian government, the Canadian business community, and suff er. [...] Th e widespread support for reforms suggests that now is the time for Canada to enter into an area of positive action in which the protection of Canadian citizens and businesses and the creation of innovative jobs will be of the highest priority. [...] We are a jurisdiction In the 21st century, innovation has been identifi ed as the key driver of that has to be committ ed to being at the forefront economic growth, productivity and competitiveness in Canada.28 In of innovation and the ability to take new ideas and June 2008, the federally appointed Competition Review Panel found bring them to the market.”31 that, with innovation underpinning so m [...] It is time for the Canadian government to directed to Health Canada, the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and take the necessary steps to protect its people from the dangers posed the Ontario Ministry of Heath and Long-Term Care. [...] According to WIPO, the WCT and the WPPT are “…critical for creating a legal environment in which rights owners can protect against infringement… and develop new, more sophisticated products and licensing options.”100 One of the reasons behind the widespread adoption of these treaties is that for the majority of cases, domestic implementation of the treaties requires only minor alterations to exist


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