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A land and resource management review for the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission




The Key Recommendation As a result of this asymmetry, it is recommended that the priority of the Commission be to achieve greater protection of the lands in the Canadian Skagit Valley. [...] Report on Canadian Issues • Review of the legal and political management of the Canadian portion of the watershed • Review of the threats and issues that face that portion of the watershed 17 Article III of Appendix D of the High Ross Treaty directs that “a large majority of the expenditures from the Fund, averaged over a period of ten years, shall be made in British Columbia”. [...] A number of components of a strategy for accomplishing this goal are discussed at the end of the report, including the need to vigorously pursue the current discussions with the Provincial Government, establish a collaboration with First Nations, find partners, and raise the public profile of the Skagit Valley. [...] With the exception of a small number of inholdings, all of the land within the Upper Skagit watershed18 on the US side of the border (“American Skagit”) is public land under the ownership and control of the federal government. [...] Next, the Report will address the other governing land management regimes governing management of the areas of the American Skagit under the National Park Service and the U. S. Forest Service that are not designated Wilderness.


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