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2015-2016 Evaluation of the Grants Program to National Voluntary Organizations




Recommendations The Internal Audit and Evaluation Directorate recommends the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Community Safety and Countering Crime Branch to implement the following: 1. Develop a strategy to intensify the efforts to publicize the call for applications more broadly in order to ensure the Grants Program is reaching its intended target audience. [...] The SFP consolidated the funding previously provided by the former Department of the Solicitor General, the Correctional Service of Canada, the Parole Board of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. [...] The Grants Program to National Voluntary Organizations assists the PS Portfolio to meet its public education and citizen engagement objectives by involving communities in the process of reintegrating offenders and supporting the victims of crime and their families. [...] An accord between the Government of Canada (GoC) and the voluntary sector notes that “the voluntary sector has been instrumental in the development of most of the public services we rely on today” and “today, both the public and voluntary sectors are involved in the delivery of these services.”3 The Accord commits the GoC “to recognize its need to engage the voluntary sector in open, informed and [...] The GP provides a mechanism for the voluntary sector to be involved in the policy dialogue and allows PS to leverage expertise outside of the government.


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