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40 Years of ASEAN-Canada Partnership, and a Strategic Agenda for Tomorrow /




These risks include: i) The protracted disputes among several ASEAN coastal states and China over the South China Sea’s maritime boundaries, and their increased militarization of the region; ii) the prevailing vulnerability to cyber-crime; and iii) the persistence of extremist groups and their movements across the Pacific,16 which demand a strategic approach. [...] As a Pacific nation, Canada has a significant role in conceptualizing and implementing a tangible regional strategy, in 40 Years of ASEAN-Canada Partnership, and a Strategic Agenda for Tomorrow Page 2 by Venilla Rajaguru November, 2017 40 Years of ASEAN-Canada Partnership, and a Strategic Agenda for Tomorrow collaboration with ASEAN, on instituting peace and order for the benefit of international [...] But as the official explains, what is required at this stage of regional programming (rather than the earlier multi-country approach), is an advancement towards a more “collaborative programming approach” with the ASEAN Secretariat, while engaging the Secretariat to play a much wider role in the design, development and implementation of the institutional and regional capacity-building projects. [...] The dangers emerging from missile programs and nuclear-powered submarines in the Pacific are not (and should not be) disconnected from Arctic security.24 Nuclear-powered submarines cruise under waterways and weaponized aircrafts fly in airspace across the western Pacific, stretching from SCS to the Yellow Sea of the Korean peninsula, the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan, northward along the Rus [...] Such strategic ambivalence at sea and in the air intensifies into a complex matrix of conflicts across the Pacific due to drugs and weapons trafficking in the Yellow Sea and trafficking, piracy and terrorism southward in and around SCS.


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