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A review of the literature on the links between health promotion, capacity building and health outcomes




The purpose of this literature review was to document the relationship between efforts to build health promotion capacity (provided by OHPRS members1), enhanced quality of health promotion programs and services, and positive health outcomes at the individual and community level. [...] From the review, a set of recommendations were to be developed to guide future work of the OHPRS in making the link between health promotion capacity and improved health status. [...] The framework depicts the relationship between the set of services provided by the OHPRS to increase capacity among health promoters which 1 The Ontario Health Promotion Resource System supports the development of. [...] Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the twenty-two member organizations of OHPRS provide services to people and organizations promoting health in Ontario communities to support them in the development, implementation and evaluation of health promotion activities. [...] Through their work, the OHPRS supports the direction of the provincial government for promoting the health of Ontarians by empowering local communities to identify health issues and to develop local solutions.



health environment education science and technology health promotion psychology research capacity building evaluation strategy capacity-building health education medical policy leadership philosophy social sciences cardiovascular disease randomized controlled trial program evaluation organization development behavior economics, medical health services administration strategies community randomized controlled trials further education organizational development heart disease teaching and learning