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A review of the potential impacts of the Métis human resources development agreements in Canada




Prepared for the Métis National Council | By the Centre for the Study of Living Standards i A Review of the Potential Impacts of the Métis Human Resources Development Agreements in Canada Abstract. [...] The key objective of this report is to provide an independent review of both the direct and indirect impacts of federal investments into Métis labour force development institutions, programs and services, and more particularly the impacts of interventions funded in the context of the MHRDAs. [...] In addition, an analysis of data sent by the Manitoba Métis Federation and the Métis Nation of Alberta suggest that MHRDA organizations make a more intensive use of training purchases and sponsorship than other Aboriginal agreement holders and the A Review of the Potential Impacts of the Métis Human Resources vi. [...] The upper-bound is the difference between the value of government transfers of the first and the third quintile of economic families (≈$500). [...] The number of Métis employed is then multiplied by the average employment income in each educational category (once again, chosen according to the scenario) to obtain the aggregate income for A Review of the Potential Impacts of the Métis Human Resources viii.



higher education education politics economy school gross domestic product capacity building evaluation canada indians of north america economic growth employment job creation labour persons with disabilities unemployment unemployment benefits further education job growth rate native peoples first nations western provinces educational attainment in the united states métis discounted cash flow métis métis people métis nation


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