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2019 Annual Report Volume 2




Office of the Auditor General of Ontario Annual Report 2019 Reports on the Environment Volume 2 Annual Report 2019 Office of the Auditor General of Ontario To the Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly In my capacity as the Auditor General, I am pleased to submit to you Volume 2 of the 2019 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario to lay before the Assembly in accordan [...] As well, the powers and access rights of mental Commissioner and together celebrated our my Office (which are more extensive than those of expanded role of reporting on the government’s the former Office of the Environmental Commis- responsibilities under the Environmental Bill of sioner) are now available to the Commissioner of Rights, 1993, and the opportunity to build on my the Environment port [...] The average emissions per person to the operation of this Act, and the Speaker shall per year in Ontario of 11 tonnes are the second- lay the report before the Assembly as soon as rea- lowest in Canada after Quebec. [...] In contrast, the Treasury Board Secretariat, tion that the Ministry of the Environment, Con- the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Cre- servation and Parks (Ministry) is using to develop ation and Trade, and the Ministry of Indigenous a response to climate change, while supporting a Affairs fully met their responsibilities under the prosperous economy. [...] The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, and the Ministry of Infrastructure met almost all of their responsibilities.


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