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A new policy is required for air transportation




Passenger drain to strung along the U. S. results in an annual loss of about 11,000 jobs and a GDP loss of the border, $1.3-billion according to the Canadian Airports Council. [...] For example, the onerous ground rents which Ottawa charges the airports are paid by airports passing the fees on to airlines in terminal and landing fees and the airlines passing that fee on to passengers in higher ticket prices. [...] The federal portion of the tax amounts to four cents per litre in Canada— which disappears into the federal treasury—and about one and a quarter cents a litre in the U. S.—which gets re-invested in aviation. [...] The attempt in the 1990’s to impose a municipal levy on Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) highlights the different attitudes to airports in Canada and the U. S. After the massive rioting in Los Angeles in 1992, L. A. faced hefty rebuilding costs and attempted to boost city coffers with a tax on LAX. [...] The liberalization of the skies in the U. S. has resulted in the creation of new hubs which have transformed secondary cities, like “. Ottawa’s.



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