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A smoother track for exports : Framework for Alberta rail policy




Any errors or omissions are the sole responsibility of the The Government of Alberta commissioned the Canada. [...] The System is Working Safety, responsiveness and capacity can all be improved An examination of the rail system in Alberta finds that, while by implementing a series of improvements to the logistics there is opportunity for improvement, in general the logistics system. [...] The scope of this paper considers Alberta’s rail interests, looking at issues FAIRNESS affecting the shipment of large volumes of resource-based Shares the rewards of investment and the benefits of efficiency bulk commodities using the rail supply chain. [...] In the same way that changes in the Crow Rate and allowing farmers to opt out of the wheat board led to innovations by farmers and investment by grain companies, the use of commercial arrangements to co-ordinate volumes and provide incentives and penalties may help spur innovation in the grain handling and transportation systems. [...] Significant investments will be needed to meet 20 GIVE THE SERVICE AGREEMENT AND COMMERCIAL the growth in exports that are anticipated by the DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS THAT CAME OUT OF Saskatchewan Plan for Growth, the Port of Vancouver THE DINNING FACILITATION A CHANCE TO OPERATE.