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"Promising practices" of early childhood education for immigrant and refugee children in British Columbia




As ECEs reflect on their practice and seek to apply and practice ECEBC’s Code of Ethics, the tools and resources provided here will help to promote the health and well being of all children in their care, reflect on the role their own cultural values and upbringing play in shaping their practise and determine what changes may be needed to work as partners, and advocate for culturally competent car [...] Last, and certainly not least, a heartfelt thank you to the men and women who participated in this study by way of providing their knowledge, stories, and insights of working broadly with immigrant and refugee children and, in particular, in the field of Early Childhood Education. [...] ESTABLISHNG A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR IMMIGRANT and REFUGEE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES • Children and their families feel emotionally supported • Children and their families feel that the program is applicable to their lives • Children and their families develop knowledge and skills to thrive in their new context • Increased opportunities for Children and their families’ learning I feel my wor [...] We have grown • Using every ‘new’ situation that arises with immigrant and refugee children and their up parents and they have families as a pedagogical opportunity never baked cookies in their lives and so what was Promising Practice 3: Using ‘space’ to enhance programmatic goals going to be an incidental • Knowing what may be stressful in the lives of immigrant and refugee children and activity [...] Educators have their families feel most supported this idea that they are • Having consistent measures in place to assess immigrant and refugee children and supposed to be leading; their families progress it’s very hard to just let go of that, sit back, and Promising Practice 1: Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of immigrant and let somebody show you refugee children and their families their



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