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It's home" : Listening to female post-secondary students in northern Manitoba, Canada




So I think it’s exciting and I’m hoping it will have an impact in the community and on Community students striving to work to graduate and raise Attending post-secondary education in the north up the graduation percentages and promote allows students to keep their connection with more people to go into secondary and post- their families and to continue contributing to secondary because it’s home y [...] In the previous section, the their own culture and northen milieu as well as voices of northern female students are quoted, to keep connected with their families who con- grounding the emerging themes within their life tinue to provide support to the students and their experience and their educational paths. [...] One of the assumptions nurtures relationships between the individual, is that the completion of post-secondary educa- the family and the community and Creation. [...] Further, Pidgeon ( ) advo- ernance systems and culture has contributed to cates for a model of Aboriginal student persis- students feelings of being valued and important tence that accommodates culture, language and and in the end this contributes to increasing their ways of knowing. [...] Is it possible to meas- northern nursing program, they found that the ure student success in terms of the development retention rates of Aboriginal students was of healthy students and the impact on family and greater than the provincial norm (Anonson et community?



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