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Professor Knoppers worked with the committee of the World Health Organization (Geneva), as a consultant and is a Forum Fellow of the World Economic Forum (Davos) and now is member of the Professional Ethics Committee of the American Society of Human Genetics. [...] The human at the level of the species as well as that of the individual person, while in co-evolution and co-adaptation with nature, is more than the sum total of biological or prosthetic components. [...] In my second part, I will thus illustrate how the social reconstruc- tion of humanity and so of the person, could be facilitated through the building of the concept of the common good. [...] I: THE SCIENTIFIC INVENTION OF THE POSTHUMAN The scientific invention of the posthuman is considered firstly as contrary to the natural order. [...] The elimination of the fact of a natural order, with all its imperfection and disappointment, erodes what tolerance is left for difference and unpredictability”.9 Today, Fukuyama epitomizes this approach; the essential human being is understood as a neces- sary reference point for the continuation of human experience and the construction of an ethical community.10 But the line between the human as



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