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The first section begins by reviewing the economic and social costs of the disorder, followed by an examination of provincial policy and the delivery of care in British Columbia. [...] To the extent that improvements in the access to and the quality of health care services for ADHD patients depend upon a coordinated effort across ministries, progress with the network is essential. [...] The plan was implemented in concert with a doubling of the budget for the Child and Youth Mental Health Services branch of the MCFD from $43 million to $87 million. [...] In 2006, each division of child and youth psychiatric care administered by the PHSA, except for the ADHD clinic, included in the MH&A business plan a proposal for additional funding from the government. [...] To guarantee that the needs of all ADHD patients are met, the government must provide services for adults with ADHD and follow-up for children who graduate from the ADHD clinic at age 18.


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