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A dialogue in Ottawa : Linking development programming and armed violence reduction




About this Report The roundtable, A Dialogue in Ottawa: Linking Development Programming and Armed Violence Reduction, was the final event in the 2006-2007 program of the Small Arms Working Group of the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee, and was funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. [...] The Small Arms Working Group of the CPCC seeks to engage the Canadian peace, disarmament, human rights and development NGO communities in the development and promotion of national and international policies and measures to reverse the diffusion and misuse of small arms and light weapons. [...] By the time the program ended, the overall level of violence had declined in the targeted rural areas and the social dynamic and overall community perception of security were more positive. [...] The small number of international staff involved and the organizers’ strong commitment to involving and training regional and local partners contributed very substantially to the sustainability and success of the program. [...] Background Paper Background paper for the CPCC Small Arms Working Group Dialogue: Exploring the development and armed violence nexus Linking Development and Armed Violence Reduction Programming The Secretary-General of Norwegian Church Aid emphasized the need to uphold and protect human dignity, which encompasses human development, human rights and human security, and focuses primarily on the safe



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