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A sober reminder : Economic impacts of liquor store privatization in small town Saskatchewan




It has been justified as a move rural communities, it is critical to evaluate the to increase the efficiency of the liquor retailing economic effects of privatization on the four system and provide more selection and choice rural towns that have already experienced it. [...] This will oper ated outlets and several forms of private allow the government to eliminate their retail retail outlets administer the sale of alcohol involvement in the sale of alcoholic products and products in the province. [...] In total, the closure of Any direct job losses are recorded in terms of the Langenburg, Ituna, Kerrobert and Ponteix full-time equivalency that records the cumulative SLGA locations resulted in the job loss of four number of hours worked in terms of full-time full-time and eight part-time employees, or 6.6 positions. [...] It is important to keep income multipliers to identify the economic in mind that Type I effects are an underestimate impact that privatization has had on total wages and Type II effects are an overestimate, resulting paid to those employed in the beverage retail in the true loss to the economy to be somewhere sector. [...] Isolating for indirect Langenburg liquor store will result in a loss of and induced effects, the economic loss extending labour income of approximately $118,341 which beyond direct effects is between $75,707 and translates to a total loss of labour income of $435,207.



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