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A review of the state of the field of adult learning




This report in no way suggests that the training of artists, the promotion of their work and the arts, opportunities to acquire arts literacy and learn to value the arts, or the education of youth and inter- generational learning activities are not important. [...] We merely aim to show the value of broadening our concepts and understandings of what knowledge and learning around the arts and the importance of arts- based learning to the field of adult education, social change and community transformation, and a more critically focused and active cultural citizenry and leadership potential across the country. [...] The final list of key words, themes and topics arts searched includes: Adult, continuing, community education Art and activism and Canada Art and adult education and Canada Art and community development and Canada Art and community learning and Canada Art and community revitalization and Canada Art and economy and Canada Art and health and Canada Art and lifelong learning and Canada Art and women [...] The various sources: • Note the value of the arts to lifelong learning (learning the arts and learning through the arts) • Focus on visible minority artists in Canada (numbers and challenges and the need for them to see themselves in the major arts/cultural institutions such as film and galleries) • Identify the role the arts could play in sustainable development • Make links between the economic, [...] A survey of research in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and Japan indicates that arts and culture are already contributing to the effectiveness of contemporary medical treatment and to the maintenance of individual and community health in many countries.



adult education art arts continuing education culture music lifelong learning adult learning community college