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A policy mismatch : Canada and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region




One post-doctoral fellowship at the Balsillie School of the enduring themes of the pivot rhetoric has been the of International Affairs and remains affiliated pursuit of new partners and arrangements to bolster the with the Asian Institute in the Munk School of credibility of the United States’ commitment to the region. [...] This entailed the US signing of James’ current research focuses on ocean the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)’s governance and China; it explores the country’s Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC) changing interaction with the rules and institutions and reinvigorating its diplomatic efforts in the region. [...] Canada is a founding member of the with Japan and negotiating naval access rights with ARF and played an important role in the early confidence- Singapore, both of which will strengthen Canada’s building efforts over the dispute, through the Canadian role in humanitarian and disaster relief missions in International Development Agency’s support of the the region. [...] Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of the choice is clear:  we need to diversify Canada, recently called on Canadian business to abandon our markets in order to create jobs and the familiarity of the US market and embrace the risks and economic growth for Canadians across rewards of emerging markets, saying, “We are overexposed this country. [...] Although future American administrations — regardless of their political 6 • the Centre for InternatIonal GovernanCe InnovatIon a PolICy mIsmatCh: Canada and the UnIted states In the asIa-PaCIfIC reGIon orientation — will likely revisit the Keystone idea, the between Canada and China could come at the cost of lesson for Canadians has been that the US market is not Canadian freedom of action to sup



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