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A multi-method investigation of dementia and related services in Saskatchewan




A Multi-Method Investigation of Dementia and Related Services: Final Report and Recommendations vi   Table 36 12-month unadjusted (crude) prevalence of dementia by rural and urban residence 54 Table 37 Availability of dementia-related services. [...] In 2011, a planning session hosted by the Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) Team and attended by key stakeholders highlighted some stark deficiencies in our knowledge about the epidemiology of dementia in the province of Saskatchewan and the nature of related services available to individuals and their families. [...] To this end, this study provides an up-to-date comprehensive picture of the epidemiology of dementia in the province of Saskatchewan – based on physician, hospital, prescription drug, and long-term care data – as well as an overall scan of the availability and quality of local services for individuals with dementia in the province. [...] In partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, this report involves a comparison of actual to best practices in dementia care, with three components: 1) A review of best practices across the care continuum of health and social services for individuals with dementia and their families 2) An analysis of administrative health data to determine the 12-month incidence and prevalence of de [...] Incidence of dementia (2012/2013) – Province of Saskatchewan* A total of 3,270 incident (new) cases of dementia were identified among adults 45 years and older in Saskatchewan during the 12-month period of 2012/13.


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