The state of inclusion in Alberta schools
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The state of inclusion in Alberta schools




In addition to offering numerous supports and services, the ATA has undertaken many research efforts over the years, including the Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Special Education (ATA 1997), a research report entitled Success for All: The Teaching Profession’s Views on the Future of Special Education in Alberta (ATA 2009) and, most recently, the Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Ed [...] The similarity of responses from the random survey and from the open survey, though, increases confidence in the representativeness of the results. [...] However, Diversity even with ample training, there is not enough time in the day or teachers/assistants within of learning 71 the class to meet the varying needs of the students in the class. [...] The research consisted of focus groups and a survey (conducted in 2007) of 217 participants that investigated contemporary topics related to inclusion, including the development and implementation of IPPs and challenges with regard to the supports provided to exceptional learners. [...] Indicate your degree of satisfaction with the following: Very Very dissatisfied (1) (2) (3) (4) satisfied (5) Preservice education preparation to teach students with diverse learning needs Inservice generally related to working with students with special needs Inservice specifically related to developing IPPs The State of Inclusion in Alberta Schools.

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