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A Sustainable Ocean Economy, Innovation and Growth




The UN climate negotiations are also considering the Understanding of the links between economic ocean’s role in the climate system, and the effects of development and maintaining environmental global warming, ocean acidification, the increased sustainability in the marine environment is still energy in the ocean that has been added as a result developing, but action cannot wait. [...] The Proposal current state of the ocean and projected future exploitation and use calls for G20 leadership to ensure the new ocean economy is “green,” The ocean or the blue economy — the human use that the integrity and productivity of ocean of the ocean — is rapidly expanding. [...] As the ocean economy expands, the world governance and leadership in protecting the ocean, must ensure that maritime industries and the maintaining the integrity of its ecosystems and use of ocean space, resources and ecosystems using ocean resources sustainably. [...] The be addressed to ensure ocean health, the integrity realization of such synergies, however, depends on and productivity of ocean ecosystems and, thus, various factors, including that the MPAs and their the sustainability of the ocean economy, which regulatory measures are designed and managed also needs protection from harmful economic activities on land and in the atmosphere. [...] SDG 14 recognizes the in the ocean economy and are among the role of the ocean for future economic, social bottom 40 percent of the population by and ecological development.


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