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A soft landing




Five key priorities emerged from an extensive research and consultation process and provide a framework for the Building the New West Project: • The West must create the tools to attract, retain, and build HUMAN CAPITAL; • The West must continue ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION; • The West must strengthen its TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE; • The West must promote the global competitiveness of its MAJOR CI [...] The potential for large-scale FIGURE 5: Oil & Natural Gas Wells Drilled, Saskatchewan (1998 to 2005 Forecast) mining (in the order of magnitude of the activity in the Northwest 5,000 Territories) and additional diversification away from agricultural has added to the economic optimism in the province. [...] On the other hand, if the value of the Canadian dollar growth this year in the range of 3% to 3.5%. [...] The announcement of a major natural gas pipeline to This will boost the spin-off for financial, retail and commercial the Mackenzie Delta – and the eventual commencement of services in rural areas of the province. [...] Despite the small gains in agricultural incomes, the farming sector will continue to diminish in significance to the overall As with all other regions in the country, economic performance provincial economy.



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