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A descriptive report on health research capacity in Saskatchewan




A Descriptive Report on Health Research Capacity in Saskatchewan 4/1/2010 Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Karen Glazebrook, Patrick Odnokon, June Bold About SHRF The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is the provincial agency responsible for funding, facilitating and promoting health research in Saskatchewan. [...] LIMITATIONS The information contained in this report gives a descriptive picture of health researchers in Saskatchewan and their research topics. [...] Medicine (U of S) 17 4.7 Agriculture (U of S) 14 3.9 Nursing (U of S) 14 3.9 Kinesiology (U of S) 11 3.1 Faculty of Arts (U of R) 10 2.8 Engineering (U of S) 9 2.5 Education (U of S) 6 1.7 Kinesiology and Health Studies. [...] Each Provincial Priority Area 29.6% 21.6% 18.6% 8.9% 8.0% 3.3% Seniors' Health Aboriginal Health Systems Determinants Public Health Synchrotron Health and Policy of Health N = 241 Coding information: CCV Fields: Research disciplines; Research topics; Research interests; Keywords; Fields of application Definitions: 1. Definitions of priority areas were based on descriptions in the Saskatchewan Heal [...] Health Health Systems 62% 14% Health Systems Biomedical 13% 12% N = 32 N = 29 Health Systems and Policy Determinants of Health Pop.



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