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2006 Aboriginal population profile for Sudbury : Profil de la population autochtone de 2006 pour Sudbury




Four in ten (41%) Aboriginal people in Sudbury were under the age of 25, compared to 30% of the non-Aboriginal population. [...] In 2006, the unemployment rate for the Aboriginal core working age population (aged 25 to 54) in Sudbury was higher than that of the non- Aboriginal population (7.8% compared to 5.6%). [...] By way of comparison, Toronto had the largest Aboriginal population (26,575) of any city in Ontario, and Kenora had the largest concentration of Aboriginal people of any city in Ontario (16%). [...] In 2006, the median age4 of the Aboriginal population in Sudbury was 31.2 years, compared to 41.3 years for the non-Aboriginal population. [...] Older Aboriginal women (35 years of age and older) in Sudbury have a greater tendency to return to school later in life than do Aboriginal men and non-Aboriginal men and women in the same age group.



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